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Here is my cross-reference search engine to locate a Steven Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns or Aaron Shust song based on the bible verses listed on the CD liner notes. This is an easy way to find an appropriate song for many different verses from scripture. Churchs developing services can enter the scripture reading for a service and hopefully you can find a song that is appropriate for the day's message. Steven is one of the most prolific Christian artists who lists appropriate Bible verses for each song on his albums so I have complied them all together in a handy cross-reference here. Casting Crowns and Aaron Shust are two other artists who included Bible verses on their lyrics so I added them too. I have manually added all the tracks with verses listed from:
  1. Re:creation
  2. Beauty Will Rise
  3. This Moment
  4. All Things New
  5. All About Love
  6. Declaration
  7. Speechless
  8. Signs of Life
  9. Heaven in the Real World
  10. The Great Adventure
  11. More to This Life
  12. First Hand
Unfortunately that completes my collection of Steven's albums with verses. If anybody can send me the verses listed in "For the Sake of the Call" or "Real Life Conversations" that would be appreciated!

I have now also have added the four studio albums by Casting Crowns:
  1. Their 2003 debut titled simply "Casting Crowns"
  2. Their 2005 release "Lifesong"
  3. Their 2007 release "The Altar and the Door"
  4. Their 2009 release "Until the Whole World Hears"
And my latest addition is Aaron Shust's studio albums:
  1. 2005's "Anything Worth Saying"
  2. 2007's "Whispered and Shouted"
  3. 2009's "Take Over"
  4. 2011's "This Is What We Believe
The full text listing is here. If anyone has other artists to add let me know and I can add your data

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