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My Name: Hugh U. Chou (don't ask what the "U" is for)
My Primary E-Mail:
My Phone: My son's old OnePlus X (E1005) using the
BYOP plan from Tracfone for $12/month
My Location: St. Louis County, Missouri, USA
My Position: General purpose academic computer geek
at the premier research university in St. Louis.
If you cannot figure out which one, just read on...
Yes, I even put Google Ads on my personal home page!

Sad, isn't it?

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My favorite St. Louis Buffet Restaurants
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My favorite St. Louis Charities
St. Louis, Missouri School Districts
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Other Fun Sites I Have Worked On

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Dimension Computer (Hi, Jim!)
Accuquote (Hi, Byron!)
Equity 4 U (Hi, Abby and Mike!)
The Frugal Duchess (Hi, Sharon, enjoy those muffins!)
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  • My previous company was primarily Windows based, which is quite sad indeed. Luckily many here at the university are finally moving away from Windows to the Linux and Mac worlds. I definitely prefer the Linux and Mac sides of things myself. For system programming I love Perl. There is no substitute. For web programming I use JavaScript and PHP too, and prefer the Apache web server. I have written Active Server Pages too, but I try not to admit it.

  • Home computer History:
    1. 1987: 10 MHZ 8088 Clone, 640KB, DOS 3.30, 30 MB Hard Drive, 1200 baud modem (upgraded to a 14.4K that fried, and then a 2400 that didn't)
    2. 1991: 12 MHZ 80286 Zenith Laptop, Win 3.0, 2MB RAM, 40 MB drive, 2400 baud modem
    3. 1996: 60 MHZ PowerPC 601 driven Macintosh Performa 6116CD, 40 MB RAM, 700 MB HD, 33.6k modem, 14" Color monitor, Iomega Zip drive and MacOS 8.5. Now simply in storage in the university as it is supplanted by the G3.
    4. 1998: 233 MHZ PowerMac G3, 64MB RAM, 2GB HD, Yamaha 4x4x8 SCSI CD-RW (boy is it noisy!), MacOS 8.6 (upgraded!) Now retired to the university.
    5. 1999: Dell Inspiron 7500, 450 MHZ Pentium III, WinXP SP2, 256 MB RAM, 25 GB hard drive, 56K modem, DVD-ROM (my old company paid for it, sold them cheap after their collapse)
    6. 2001: 1 GHZ Duron on ASUS A7VL-VM, 256MB PC133 SDRAM, WinXP Pro, 40GB & 12GB hard drives, GeForce4 MX440 graphics card, 56K modem, from Simplified Computers in Urbana-Champaign, IL. Great company! (Thanks, Dan!) I got my 20x10x40 CD-RW from Jim Humphrey at Dimension Computer, a great low-cost place to buy a PC system or components in St. Louis.
    7. 2006: Our business school was unloading a Dell Optiplex GX1p for $10, so I bought it. I added some more memory, and gave it to one of the people in the department who needed it for their laboratory.
    8. 2008: Another Olin purchase, this time for $20 was a small Optiplex GX150 (1 GHz P-III, 384MB RAM, XP SP2) which had replaced the old Duron which was making some weird noises after 7 faithful years! Now living in a lab at the university.
    9. 2013: I won an Acer C7 Chromebook from a raffle! I love this little thing. I only have to use the ancient Dell laptop the university bought me in 2008 when I need to burn stuff on an optical drive or use a more powerful Office suite than Google Docs (and then I use LibreOffice, but of course!) The university did just purchase a Latitude E7440 for me which is pretty nice, but I still love my little Chromebook.

  • List of the computers in my departmental space at the university

  • Yes, I am running Windows 10 on my Ultrabook, but I use my Chromebook just as much if not more. My old Dell Latitude D630 is running Ubuntu 16.04.
  • Here is my collection of Windoze freeware, as well as a list of my favorites.
  • Where I buy stuff online
  • My completely worthless blog

  • I really don't live in St. Louis City, but actually in St. Louis County in Richmond Heights in the Ladue School District.

  • I am not very interesting really, but my brothers sure are!

  • Free Church Plays - Site containing church service play scripts written by my wife, Penny.

  • New Book Study Guides - Sunday School Book Study Guides written by my wife, Penny. First one: "A Gift of Hope" by Danielle Steel

  • Room Parties Web Site- Site for craft and game ideas for elementary school room parties compiled by my wife, Penny. She also has a new Gluten Free Recipe Cravings site and a smaller serving recipe site.

  • Reviews of Science/Children's Museums we have visited

  • Schools I have attended:

  • "Kindness is more important than wisdom,
    and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom."
    Theodore Isaac Rubin, M.D.