Hugh's Blue Line Metrolink Schedule - June 28, 2010 Changes

The off peak times here are now WRONG!. See the updated page with the new 2016 schedule here

As much as I love riding the St. Louis Metrolink to and from work every day, the schedule sure is difficult to read online embedded in their giant PDF file or even using Google Maps. I only care about the Blue Line and only between Brentwood and Skinker, but I have included the full Blue Line out to Shrewsbury and into Grand Station. This shows the now out of date time schedule that was in effect between Monday, June 28, 2010 and August 22, 2016. These times are now incorrect Go HERE instead!.

If you prefer to fondly remember the old schedule you may continue. Select a time at any station and it will show the time for all the other stations listed. It also includes the routes going both eastbound and westbound.

Weekday Eastbound Schedule

StationArrival TimeTime Diff
Grand Station
Central West End
Forest Park
Big Bend
Richmond Heights

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