Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") 2017 State and County Premium Database

2018 Enrollment ends Dec 15, 2017, Login to for 2018 Premium Information

The federal government's site has all the premium information online, but it is dreadfully slow, and the spreadsheet they have there to download is enormous and slow to use too. Does anybody really care to see the premiums for every county in every state in the country? (I did not think so!) So I have parsed their massive spreadsheet into state by state chunks and let you parse them by county as well. Pick your state below to begin. If you prefer to download a much more manageable state spreadsheet to import into Excel or LibreOffice Calc, I have those below as well for the 39 states which are included. These are delimited text files using the number symbol (#) to delimit each field, since there are commas in the spreadsheets. Note: This information is for 2017 premiums, the 2018 information is only available directly from by logging in with an account.

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CSV files for all 39 states - fields separated by # symbols, not commas

  • US-AK.csv
  • US-AL.csv
  • US-AR.csv
  • US-AZ.csv
  • US-DE.csv
  • US-FL.csv
  • US-GA.csv
  • US-HI.csv
  • US-IA.csv
  • US-IL.csv
  • US-IN.csv
  • US-KS.csv
  • US-KY.csv
  • US-LA.csv
  • US-ME.csv
  • US-MI.csv
  • US-MO.csv
  • US-MS.csv
  • US-MT.csv
  • US-NC.csv
  • US-ND.csv
  • US-NE.csv
  • US-NH.csv
  • US-NJ.csv
  • US-NM.csv
  • US-NV.csv
  • US-OH.csv
  • US-OK.csv
  • US-OR.csv
  • US-PA.csv
  • US-SC.csv
  • US-SD.csv
  • US-TN.csv
  • US-TX.csv
  • US-UT.csv
  • US-VA.csv
  • US-WI.csv
  • US-WV.csv
  • US-WY.csv