I read this in the Fall 2003 World Ark from Heifer International Foundation and I really liked it. They say 7 out of 10 people die without a will which sounds like a frightening number. I can't believe people will pay $100 a month or more for cable or satellite TV but will not spend the same amount to create a simple estate plan. The list below may not be originally theirs, but it makes some excellent points:

Five Reasons to Die
Without a Will

  1. The court can do a better job deciding how to disburse your assets than you can.

  2. The court can choose a better personal representative to handle your estate during probate than you can.

  3. The court can choose a more caring guardian for your minor children than you can.

  4. The government will use your estate tax dollars more efficiently than your favorite charity would use a charitable bequest.

  5. Your grieving loved ones will be better off looking after your affairs without your will.

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