Local Retail Shopping Versus Online Shopping Cost Calculator

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts and deals already appearing it is sometimes hard to decide whether it is a better deal to go to a big box local retailer or to just buy all your things online. You have to compare cost savings, sales tax, time, travel time, gasoline prices, parking and traffic issues, convenience and many things in your decision. So I have tried to come up with a calculator to help you to decide!

For sales tax you can enter the rate and then click a button to have it calculated for either the local or online price (since you do have to pay sales tax for online purchases if the reseller has outlets in your state.)

Try it out before you buy to decide where to buy!
Actual Price $ $  
Sales Tax $ $ Tax Rate:%
Shipping Charges   $
Miles to Drive (roundtrip)  
MPG of Car  
Gasoline Price (Gallon) $  
Car Maint Cost Per Mile $ (Typically $0.03 to $0.10 excluding gasoline)
Transportation Cost $2.15
TOTAL COST: $ 2.15 $ 0.00

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