"Get Back" - Percentage Return Calculator

"Get back to where you (or your portfolio) once belonged"

Here is a simple but nifty calculator suggested from an e-mail I received. After having a market loss, how big of a return do you need to get back to where you started? For example if you lose 15% (go from $100 to $85) you need more than 15% of $85 to add back the $15 to $100. Now the $15 represents 17.6% of $85. So I let you enter a percentage to see how much of a return you need to get back to the market peaks of the past. If you just have your old and new balance numbers instead, just enter those and I will calculate the sad loss percentage for you. Enjoy!

Loss Percentage: %
Enter Your Starting and Ending Balance -

If you started with $100,
A 15 % loss would take it down to 85.00
To get the balance from $ 85.00 back to $100 would require a return of 17.647 %

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