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  • This explanation describes how to calculate mortgage amortizations by hand

  • This explanation describes how to set up mortgage amortizations on an Excel or Lotus spreadsheet, including sample spreadsheets. Use this if you make irregular prepayments.

  • Glenn Hubbard Refinancing Proposal Calculator - For some reason this proposal is not very well known but it makes a lot of sense: to allow not just those whose mortgages are under water to refinance easily, but to allow anyone with a higher rate mortgage refinance at current record low rates and with reduced closing costs. It makes a lot of sense to me.
  • 2010 Refinance Calculator - My latest refinance calculator figures out when a new refinancing would start saving you money compared to just taking the closing costs money and using that to pay down your mortgage balance. I had been thinking of refinancing down our 4.91% loan (as ridiculous as that sounds) to see what the best option is for us. Try it out an see what you think!
  • MortgageSum Calculator Download - Another satisfied customer has purchased my handy, dandy standalone Windows based mortgage calculator application. Let me know if you want me to write something for your site too!
  • FICO Credit Score, LTV Interest Rate Adjustment Calculator. I found the numbers for this calculator from a library book I read about mortgages by Dale Robyn Siegel, so I thought I would turn it into an online calculator. You enter your home value, down payment (or home equity), FICO credit score and the current market interest rate, and the calculator will estimate what rate you would really end up paying on a mortgage in your situation.
  • downloadable calculator downloadable calculator - I customized my downloadable calculator for some websites, and they have them on their sites. I can write one up for anybody for just a small fee! Contact me for details.
  • Generic Loan Schedule PDF Generator - This is the same as my old Generic Loan Calculator, but now it writes the output to a PDF file so that you can save and print the schedule much easier.
  • HELOC Cost Calculator Another idea sent to me to calculate how much you "save" in taxes by paying tons of interest to some financial institution while watching the debt dependent on your home equity grow without end. The e-mailer told me some folks use their HELOC's like credit cards, throwing just about anything on it under the guise of "tax savings". No wonder our country is so debt crazy! Used correctly, HELOC's can be great borrowing products; used poorly they just put you more in debt.
  • Pay off or Keep a loan? - Did Granny leave a bundle and you can't decide whether to pay off the mortgage or keep it and invest it all? Look here for help!
  • Blended Rate Calculator - Calculate the effective rate of multiple loans.
  • Monthly Payments per $1,000 borrowed Realtors and mortgage brokers used to have to use these tables all the time to figure out what your monthly payment would be (before the time when everybody had computers). It is still a useful table for some.
  • Conventional Loan with initial Interest Only Payments This program allows you to have low interest only payment for the first few years of a loan before it rolls into a conventional amortized loan with higher payments.
  • Interest Only Loan with fixed Pre-Payment Pay off an interest only loan quicker by paying a fixed principal payment with each interest payment. In this case the interest paid each period will decrease.
  • Interest Only vs Amortized Loan Comparison Okay, I have answered one too many e-mails on interest only loans! Here is a calculator that can answer all your questions.
  • Loan/Refinancing Comparison This provides a very generic and flexible interface to compare two loans especially now when the rates are so low that refinancing can take place in a variety of ways (i.e. you can increase your loan balance and still pay less interest each month!). I have been getting lots of refi questions lately so I have made this comparison as flexible as possible.
  • Generic Loan Amortization - It seems people want to see weekly, daily, quarterly, you name it amortizations. Okay, I will make a generic loan amortization where you specify the number of periods per year. Works exactly the same using PHP!
  • What's Missing? Loan Calculator This simple program finds the missing loan variable (loan amount, monthly payment, interest rate or number of months).
  • Here's a simple little JavaScript calculator that shows you the after tax interest rate of your mortgage. It also shows the after-tax return on your investment income. Taxes do weird things to rates!
  • E-Mail amortization Forms -- Straight Amortization or Prepayment
    Some people complain that their browsers crash when pulling down an amortization schedule. Well, now I will e-mail you one! You can either use a full schedule without any prepayment, or start with your current loan amount and enter any monthly payment amount you want. Having it as e-mail makes an easier permanent record for printing, importing or just to fill up your mailbox!
  • Rule of 78 Loan Calculator A few people have asked me about this one, so I researched it out and wrote it up. Boy, these loans are weird!
  • JavaScript Amortization Spreadsheet Here is a spreadsheet all written in JavaScript that calculates the nitty gritty of your amortization and lets you change any variable anywhere (rate, payment, etc) This is good to track non-uniform principal prepayments, and also ARM's where rates change. Note that this is for 60 months (5 years) only.
  • JavaScript Mortgage Payment Calculator Here is a simple JavaScript example for an interactive calculator. It just takes a few inputs and figures out your monthly payment. Like all JavaScript, the source is embedded in the HTML. (Requires a JavaScript capable browser.)
  • Income Qualification Calculator - UPDATED I calculated the numbers right but explained them out wrong! I don't want people to think they can buy more than they can really qualify for!
  • Prepayment calculator - UPDATED Take your current balance and look at your loan reduction. Does biweekly mortgages too. Now it allows input of your originating loan values.
  • APR Calculator #2 - Find the APR of a loan given points, and other included costs.
  • Simple Loan Calculator - Only three inputs, loan amount, interest and length of loan, calculates the monthly payment for any type of fixed payment, fixed period amortized loan (mortgage, car loan, etc).
  • UPDATED Canadian mortgage payment calculator - Now both calculates loan amount or monthly payment
  • FHA vs. Conventional 95 LTV loan calculator - This shows two very popular plans for first time buyers and how much house you can afford with your cash and income levels.
  • Prepayment vs. Investment -- which is best for you? If you have an extra amount you can pay each month should you pay down your loan or invest it.
  • APR/Front End Calculator - See what that loan REALLY costs you
  • Balloon Calculator - 5/25 and 7/23 Balloon Convertible Mortgages analysis
  • Lease Calculator - Car leasing payment calculator to compare against loan payments
  • Mortgage Duration - Calculate how long a loan will last with a set payment, or find how much to pay to end your loan at a certain time period.
  • Monthly Payment table generator - Generates a table with variable loan amounts and interest rates.
  • Information on biweekly mortgage companies

  • Full Loan Amortization Schedule with Prepayment

  • Read more articles on Home Loans at Mortgage Loan Place.

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