Mortgage Loan Amortization Schedule Printable PDF Generator

This is my PHP Generic Loan Calculator that writes the full loan amortization schedule of any amortized loan like a home mortgage or a car loan to a PDF file for easy saving and printing. A typical 30 year (360 month) loan will fit on 5 formatted laser printer pages. The full schedule will include the interest and principal breakdowns for each pay period and will show the running loan balance throughout the payment schedule. Often printing HTML web pages is not as pretty as using a formatted PDF for saving and printing. I recommend using FoxIt Reader as your PDF viewer instead of the bloated product from Adobe. Another more powerful PDF viewer is PDF-XChange Viewer which you can download safely from

Loan Amount
Annual Interest Rate
Payment Each Period ( to let calculate*)
Periods per Year (12 for monthly, 26 for bi-weekly, 52 for weekly, etc.)
Total Number of Payments OR Total Number of Years

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