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  • Retirement Asset to Salary Ratio Calculator - This is an idea from an e-mail message I received from TIAA-CREF. They figured out how many times your income you should have at different ages to retire with either 70% or 90% of your current income. That sounded like a fun project to develop into a calculator, so here it is. I just love writing these things!
  • "Get Back" Calculator - After the unpleasant market drops of the last few years, people want to know what types of returns would be necessary to "get back" to the market peaks of long ago. This calculator lets you enter how much your portfolio has dropped, and then calculates the return you need to "get back to where you once belonged"
  • Is Your Retirement on Track?.Yahoo! Finance had an article telling people how to see if they were on track for their retirement. Unfortunately, it requires perusing a large table and performing a few calculations to solve. I am doing the math for people, using a simple PHP program and copying their large table of numbers since that is what I love to do! So here it is and you can see how well your retirement savings look without having to do the math yourself.
  • downloadable calculator - Here is another customized calculator I wrote for somebody that people can download and run on their Windows PCs. This one is based on a retirement income calculator I had written. I love writing this stuff!
  • Fixed versus COLA Pension Comparison - This simplified calculator allows you to compare a fixed pension with a larger initial payment with a COLA pension with a lower startin payment but which increases each year. This can help you decide which one to choose.
  • Updated Retirement Calculator This replaces my old future/value annuity calculator with a more interactive calculator with a field for social security/pension income. It shows a table for both the accumulation and withdrawal phase. An additional version allows you to enter separate social security and pension amounts and dates.
  • Special calculator for readers of "The Record" - Yikes, they put me on the front page! And no that isn't my real calculator..
  • Minimum IRA withdrawal calculator How come so many places talk about the 70 1/2 withdrawal requirements but don't show you the numbers? The reason is because it is complicated! Here are the minimum withdrawal requirements for a single life (i.e. no beneficiaries) IRA. Note that even though you must withdraw the amounts from your IRA (or suffer a penalty) and pay tax on the distributions, you don't have to spend it!
  • Roth IRA Conversion Calculator - My version, and I don't even sell my own mutual funds!
  • Retirement Payout Calculator - a modification of "duration.cgi" to show the fixed payout out of an annuity in a perfect world.
  • Updated IRA/401K/403B Calculator This takes old annuity calculator and adds the under 59 1/2 penalties and the minimum withdrawal requirements. Note that this follows current "standard" IRA laws, whereas the new "Roth" IRA's will actually follow my older calculator. And remember when you take withdrawals from your Roth IRA's you PAY NO TAX! They are really too good to believe. I hope you rolled over your present IRA's in 1998 while you could get the special 4 year deal too!
  • Retirement Calculator - Enter required income, number of years, and inflation and this will tell you how much you must put away.

  • PAY HERE Information on my Expensive Licensing Fee Karl's Java version of the Mortgage Calculator
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