Future Value/Annuity Calculation

Updated Feb 2008 - User suggestion - separate Soc. Sec & Pension!

Same calculation, just with more variation. A good use of 10 minutes of my time at lunchtime. Enjoy. (P.S. Thank Esther, not me!)

Another person (Don) was responsible for the new fixed portion field for future desired income, where you can include the portion of your future income that should not be inflated (i.e. covering a fixed expense like a mortgage payment or some other set contract payment of some sort.)
Beginning Balance of Account
Monthly contribution
Years until retirement
Estimated annual pre-retirement yield (%)
Estimated annual retirement yield (%)
Estimated annual inflation (%)
Estimated annual contribution increase (%)
Desired future total monthly income (current dollars)
Fixed (non-inflated) portion of future monthly income
Estimated monthly Soc.Sec income (current dollars)
Years until Soc.Sec income starts
Soc.Sec annual increases (%)
Estimated monthly Pension income (current dollars)
Years until Pension income starts
Pension annual increases (%)

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