Hugh's Mortgage and Financial Calculators - Math and Number Games

  • JUMBLE Puzzle Word Guesser - Instead of searching a dictionary list of words, I just print out all 720 possibilities for a combination of any 6 characters. Going to 7 characters was just a little too big, and using 6 should help you guess just about any word.

    I also have a Spanish version which has proven to be very popular!
  • Password Generator - My own password generator! This uses my favorite technique for generating unguessable, secure passwords that are very easy to remember. Just think of an eight word phrase that you can remember that no one else would and you are set!
  • Grid Game - Math game where you compete against the computer to find numbers with the lowest sum of factors of numbers in a grid. Try it out to understand it better.
  • Dice Game - Math game $2: Here you place 11 "bets" on where you think the dice will fall and the computer picks 11 guesses too, then you and the computer both roll and remove your picks as the rolls are made. The first one with all their picks gone wins!
  • Game of Pig - Math game #3! You roll dice against the computer again, trying to add up to 100 with your rolls. You can roll as many times as you like, but it you roll a one on either die you go back to zero! So you must stop wisely. Give it a try and see.
  • Multiplication Bingo - Math Game #4: Two players select 4x4 BINGO cards and then they must pick the product of two integers (written for third graders!). The first with a row, column, diagonal or 8 numbers wins!

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