The Money Book "Holy Trinity of Savings" Calculator

I was reading a book that was sent to me by its authors, The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers and the Self-Employed by Joseph D'Agnese and Denise Kiernan. I did my typical quick perusal looking for some geeky numbers I could analyze. Since they reference my site in their book I knew they must have some good geeky content inside. True to form, they have a couple pages showing some math to calculate how much money to send to their "Holy Trinity of Savings" accounts, and even some flow diagrams that would make a computer science professor proud. But since I am a big online calculator geek, I have turned it all into one simple little PHP program you can use. I have set the default percentages to the emergency, tax and retirement accounts to be 5%, but change them as you wish as well as your mandatory expenses. This can let you see how much discretionary spending you should have left each month after first paying yourself first, and then all your mandatory expenses.


Your Total Monthly Income $
Percentage to your Emergency Account: %
Percentage to your Tax Account: %
Percentage to your Retirement Account: %
Mandatory Monthly Expenses
Rent/Mortgage Payment $
Insurance (Health, Car, Home, Life) $
Utilities (Phone, Internet, Electric, Gas, Water) $
Child Care/Child Support/Tuition $
Car Payments/Gasoline/Parking/Transportation $
Other Mandatory Expenses $
Sent to Emergency Account$ 0
Sent to Tax Account$ 0
Sent to Retirement Account$ 0
Total Mandatory Expenses$ 0
Total Mandatory Expenses (Percent of Income) %
Remaining Discretionary Spending $ 0
Remaining Discretionary Spending (Percent of Income) %

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