JUMBLE 6 Letter Word Descrambler / Solver with Dictionary Matches

I love JUMBLE Word Puzzles, so I thought I would write a little program to descramble words to try to figure them out. I know Dr. Charles Bower already has done this online at jumble.org, but I wanted to write my own version in a single Perl script that just prints out all the possible combinations. Then I search my online word dictionary and highlight all the real words in RED!! If you select letters where a letter repeats, you will see the same word twice. My dictionary also includes proper nouns, just to make it more fun!

Enter any combination of exactly 6 letters and I will find all possible combinations. Since 6 factorial is only 720, generating every possibility should not take very long on our 3.2 GHZ processor. You can actually enter any number of letters, but if you pick a number that is not 6 it will take you to a different program. If you enter more than 7 letters, it does not show all the permutations, it only searches the dictionary for matches.

Found 41,699 SIX letter dictionary words

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