Mortgage Freeware/Shareware Programs/Software

If you are looking for completely free Windows mortgage payment and amortization schedule software, the easiest way to find freeware/shareware to install on your Mac or PC is to go to one of the big download sites and put in a search term. That way you are sure to get the most recent versions of the software. Just use search terms like "mortgage" or "loan" or "401k" to find a package that will work for you. Here are some of my favorite big download sites:
A good place to look for quality freeware of all sorts is at:

which have been selected by alt.comp.freeware as the best freeware out there.


Since I am a Linux geek, I have been playing with a neat application called GnuCash which is a Quicken-like accounting package for Linux that also has a neat loan scheduler. So if you reformat your hard drive, get rid of that trashy Microsoft garbage they call an operating system, and install Linux instead, and you can run GnuCash! (and OpenOffice and all those other great open source applications).

Heck, if you just want to download a full Linux distribution and burn it to CD, visit the Linux mirror site at Argonne National Laboratories at Completely free operating systems you can burn onto a $.20 CD and boot on your PC without touching your hard drive. It is pretty amazing!

UNIX/C Programming

I have kept these geeky little gems since they include source code for all sorts of financial calculations:
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